So finally, I am getting everything put together for this. I have set up my brand new Yahoo Group, called Real Gay People. It has been a fun process, figuring out what exactly I want the group to be about and who it pertains to. I have come to the conclusion that this group is for anyone and everyone, be they GLBT, straight, somewhere in between. I definitely want gay people to join and be able to voice their thoughts and frustrations, but I also want family and friends to join and voice their thoughts. It will be a great place for everyone to share knowledge and ideas, and I think everyone will benefit greatly from it. Also, it will be a place for me to voice my own thoughts, feelings, frustrations, hopes, wishes, dreams, and the like. I hope it takes off well!

**Update 8/23/07: The picture you see above was not included in this blog entry. I posted it here so that I could have a cool little profile picture here on Blogger. Pretty savvy of me, huh.