So, I'm still getting used to doing the blog thing, and trying to figure out what kind of fun stuff there is to write about. I went to the movies this weekend and saw "The Legend of Zorro," so I figured, what an opportunity to try for a movie review! I've never done one of these before, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Here goes.

Going in to see this movie, I was figuring that there was no way it could top its predecessor. For any movie maker, having a follow-up be as good as the first is extremely difficult, borderline impossible. However, I still expected great things from this film. And overall, I was not disappointed. The movie started out a little slow, and I felt that it started out somewhat awkwardly, in a way unsure of itself, not sure where it wanted to go. But gradually, a story began to take shape, and the new characters that were introduced suddenly had a reason for being there.

As far as the acting goes, it was not as good as the first movie, as there was less to work with. In some ways, the screenwriting was hardly satisfying as far as character development is concerned, given that 10 years have passed in the story. As for the plot, I liked the new idea, but I did find it quite similar to the first movie in some respects. If you have seen "The Fugitive," and then its follow-up, "U.S. Marshalls," you'll know what I'm talking about.

Now, critiquing aside, there was much to enjoy about this film. The setting stayed true to form, and the idea of Zorro himself remained, for the most part, the legendary person he is. Sword fights were not overdone, and in some ways I wish there would have been more. There was enough action, though, to keep this though from entering my mind, in fact until I sat down to write this. Also, the film is quite humorous, and some of my favorite parts were just the bits of random funny lines and facial expressions that were included. I would have to say that one of the funniest parts had to do with the pipe (the kind you smoke), and all the antics its inclusion entailed. Good times.

I will end my little review here. I must say that it has been an interesting experience. Hopefully, the reviews I choose to write in the future will be far better than this one. But hey, you have to start somewhere.