As you may have noticed from my photo, I'm a Dilbert fan. But more than that, I enjoy other works by Scott Adams, including his books about survival in the work place and such. In addition to all this, Scott Adams has written two non-humor and non-work-related books: "God's Debris" and "The Religion War." "God's Debris" was first published as an e-book, and then later in hardback. Scott Adams describes it as a "thought experiment." I have, for some time, been intrigued by the idea of this book, but had not gotten around to buying it. Recently, he put it up online for free, so yesterday I figured, what the heck, I'd give it a shot. The book is about 130 pages (give or take a few), and I just finished it.

The book read very smoothly, and I quickly found myself lost in it. There is not much in the way of story, but it presents ideas that are fantastic to think about (not fantastic in a negative or positive way, but just fantastic). I'd never given much thought to some of the ideas presented, but found myself fascinated. Having just finished, my mind is sort of in overload mode. I think I'll have to read it again at least 2-3 more times to really catch a lot of what is said.

I won't say that you should go out and read this right away, but rather will direct you to read Scott Adam's disclaimer and leave it up to you to decide (that way, I leave it fully up to you) whether or not to read it. I'll put the link below, and be sure to read the whole page before downloading the file (it's in PDF format) (the section is called "why is it free?".


If you do read this, or have already read it, I would be interested to see what others thought about it.