Over the years, I have noticed a serious decline in the quality and originality of chips (the food variety). I often wonder if I'm the only one who's tired of all the Frito Lay. I mean, they seem to have seriously cornered the market on chips! And to top it off, their chips are so greasy that you miss out on the real flavor of the chip.

I generally stick to original flavor, so as to avoid having to ingest that oh-so-popular preservative: monosodium glutemate. Most varieties of flavored chips, especially those made by Frito Lay, are chock full of that stuff. Occasionally, I enjoy eating them, but all the flavors are artificial. Oh, would I like some cheese-flavored chips, they taste just like nachos? Forgive me, but I'll decline. How about some odd-flavored "ranch" or imitation "sour cream"? Thanks, but I'll pass.

But then, who would've known it, that a new kind of chip was introduced into my life. Terra is the name of the company, and they make a line of chips called "Red Bliss." These chips are red potato chips, and they are flavored with (gasp!) real flavors! They use stuff like olive oil, vinegar, and roasted garlic. After being so used to chips simply being salted, it was a very pleasant surprise to come across these chips.

I'm serious. Eating these chips is practically the highlight of the day. Next time I have a bad day, I'm going straight to Red Bliss.