Today (Tuesday) started out as one of those days where, after waking up, I instantly felt that it was a good day. This happens to me every now and then, and I admit that I do enjoy it. For some reason, I just feels good. I'm not sure why it happens, but it does. This year, it has happened at odd times, especially when I'm feeling down, which was the case for me today. It's like a wake-up call telling me, "Phil, don't worry, be happy. What matters now is that you're alive, and there are things to celebrate in life." And despite how grumpy I may have been previously, I cannot resist the temptation to let loose and feel that sense of freedom.

I didn't really notice this seemingly bizarre mood of mine until I was on my daily commute to school. I burned a CD before I left, with songs I have on my computer, but didn't have on disc (Thrice and Anathema). In the car, I cranked up the stereo and quickly lost myself in the music. I admit that, when it comes to driving, I always have music on, and I'm always singing and drumming to the music. Sometimes I "dance" to the music, but I've got nothing on Chris Tucker. As I was driving contentedly along, I came to a red light, and an older gentleman pulled to a stop behind me. I realized, as he stared blankly ahead of him, that I must be quite a sight to see, rocking out and singing, driving with the windows down even though it was in the mid-20's all morning.

Later on in the commute, a lady pulled up next to me at a red light, and she had her dog in her lap. I'm guessing it was a Pekinese or something, but whatever the breed, it was a cute little dog. The dog and I exchanged greetings, which consisted of me staring at it, and it staring at me, and then me laughing. I couldn't help myself. But then the music kicked back in, and it was back to rocking out once again.

Man, what a day.