So I just got back yesterday from my trip, which went very well. As I expected, I saw much that I will be blogging on in the immediate future. But not just yet, because I have to still reorient myself back to my "normal" life. That's the problem with trips. They're a pain to plan and pack for, they're fun while you're on them, and you're usually happy to return home, feeling full of new things to remember and most likely quite exhausted from the over-stimulation of doing so many out-of-the-ordinary things. But when you get back and want to rest, you can't. You have to unpack, do laundry, put stuff away, check messages (phone and email), and generally try to catch up on the week or so of your life that you just took leave of. You get away from it all only to come back and find it all waiting for you. Go figure.

But I'm not bitter. I am glad to be back. Over the course of six days, I traveled over 2500 miles by car. I drove to Texas and Louisiana with my family to go visit all our extended family. It was great to see everyone, especially because it'd been about a year since I had seen any of them. I wish we could have visited longer, as a week isn't much time, but that costs money, and time. What makes this trip so hard, though, is the long hours of sitting in the car. Sure, I read and listen to music, so that keeps my mind occupied just fine. But my body sincerely hates my guts by the end of the trip, as it does not like being forced to stay in one place for upwards of 6 hours a day. My hips are still out of whack, and so at the moment I resent having such legs, which makes sitting in any car, especially for said lengthy times, quite uncomfortable. Thankfully, though, I'm quickly recovering. I am an active person, so that helps (whew!).

So for now, that's what I'll leave this entry to, as I continue to try to get back into the swing of things. Still lots to do. Then, once I'm all set, I'll get to write about some of the things I really wanted to write about.

Until then, cherry ho.