Before I begin, I would like to make the following disclaimer:

I do not study sociology. I just happen to like people watching, and I am forever seeing new, unusual, funny, or pitiful things people do.

Today was no exception. I commute to school, and then park and take a shuttle to campus. The shuttle system at my school is nothing fancy, just buses. They run on a regular route throughout the day. In the morning, when I arrive, there's generally a mass of humanity riding the bus, most of whom are half-asleep, holding coffee and looking like they'll jump you should you have the gall to utter the words "good morning" to them.

But today, my story takes place in the early afternoon, as I was leaving campus for the day. I rode the shuttle to the parking lot, and everything proceeded as usual until it stopped and I had to get off.

Most times, people riding the shuttles understand how the system works. When the bus stops, and you're waiting to get on, it's generally appropriate to allow people to get off first. Then you may hop aboard and take a seat. This is a rule for several reasons: first, it's a matter of politeness. Second, it's easier to let people off before barging in, otherwise it gets crowded and hard to move around. And third, it's much easier to find an open seat this way.

I am a realist, and understand that not everyone understands this logic. I can easily look past someone accidentally climbing aboard absentmindedly, too distracted in self-thought to pay much attention. Or perhaps a person is simply unaware that others are exiting the vehicle.

Imagine my surprise when some guy decides to rush the bus as soon as the doors open. I imagine he was standing there waiting, anticipating how he would spring at his first chance, like a cat pouncing on a ball of yarn.

The guy sprang, and flew up up the stairs like a bat out of hell. The poor lady at the front of the bus, who was first in line to get off, was suddenly and unexpectedly broad-sided by the guy. The look on both their faces was priceless.

All right, I admit it. It made my day. I've been laughing about the spectacle ever since. It certainly isn't every day that you have the opportunity to see such a live performance. It's priceless.