Yesterday, I mentioned that I had a new and exciting entry to share. I didn't lie. The 'exciting' part is debatable, so I'll let you decide. At the very least, it's new. Anyway, I had said, quite mysteriously, that it would be about "running into people," or something to that effect.

First, I want to take a moment to put this out there: who the heck decided that the word run could have so many meanings? I started thinking about this when I saw someone run a red light. I thought they were driving, but I suppose that a cars can run. The motor can, at least. Okay, enough of this. That was completely off topic, and out of line.

Moving right along.

One of the hazards of going anywhere is the chance that you might run into someone. You're at the grocery and you run into your neighbor. You're at the pizzeria and you run into some college buddies. You're at the ball game and you run into your fifth grade teacher. This form of running into people regards some form of social involvement. You know, play catch-up.

But there is a second, and potentially dangerous form of "running into people," and that is the literal sense. You actually run into them. Most times it's at a walk, but there's no point in arguing semantics anymore.

Yesterday I was at the bookstore. As an innocent bystander, I witnessed two girls walking towards each other. Neither knew the other, both just had something to do in opposite directions. And, as seems to happen from time to time, both were walking the same invisible line en route to their respective destinations.

I watched, transfixed, as I predicted the inevitable. Neither took note of the other until they were a few feet from each other, at which point eye contact was suddenly and instantly established. Girl #1 moved to the right, anticipating the event, and allowing extra space to allow the Girl #2 to pass. Girl #2, however, moved to her left, only she took a large stride and also moved far off.

As you have most likely already guessed, this presented a problem. They were both still in each other's way. Each did the only thing a logical mind would think to do: Girl #1 moved left, and Girl #2 moved right. Then, all of a sudden, Girl #2 charged, and Girl #1 moved aside once again while Girl #2 stalked off with a grimace on her face.

This is not, by any means, an isolated event. It happens to me all the time. In fact, it happened to me today as I was walking to class. What amazes me is that, despite the fact that it's happened before, both people involved instinctively move the same direction, then the opposite, then have to chuckle or apologize before being able to cross paths.

I realize that I mentioned before that this was "potentially dangerous," but I have yet to see anyone actually collide. Someday, though, I just might.