Lately, the weather here has been something short of cold. It's January, and I can still wear tee shirts outside during the day. Many people I know rejoice at this lack of a true winter, and relish in the general warmth. To them I say bah! My chances of skiing, which I was hoping to do for the first time this year, have been thwarted, and any wish for a good snowball fight is crushed.

I may live in the desert, but most years it's at least cold during the winter. I find it's generally a good thing, instead of having warm weather tease plants into blooming too soon and then freezing. Plus I like the reprieve from my allergies. In the spring and fall, my allergies get pretty bad, and the winter cold allows me a break.

But the real reason for this blog is not to complain about the weather, nor about my allergies. I wanted to offer tribute to a very dedicated group of people, who I'm guessing have no idea that they are even a group.

These people are those die-hards who are doing their part to bring about cold weather. Yes, it's true. They're everywhere. While I meander around campus in tee shirts, making a statement with words and pictures, these people bundle up as much as possible to avoid the cold.

We're talking all-out snow gear: long sleeves, thick pants, sweater, heavy jacket, bulky shoes, thick socks, wool gloves, scarf, and snow hat. If this was me wearing that in 50 degree weather, I'd probably have heat stroke.

But these brave and dedicated souls never once complain, and humbly take it upon themselves to dare the weather to get cold. It's a daunting task, but somebody has to do it.

Quite often I see a member of this clan trekking around outside, loaded down with backpack strapped on and coffee in hand, and I wonder to myself whether this person has zero tolerance for brisk weather. In all likelihood this is the case. It amazes me how convincing many of these people are, going to such lengths to avoid feeling any cold whatsoever.

It sure is a sight to see.