Driving Me Crazy

It seems as if I've been churning out blog entries like there's no tomorrow, these days. This blog is my 47th entry, which is quite a milestone. When I joined 360, I had no idea what a neat community it was. I didn't guess that I would have my own blog, or that I would enjoy the whole concept of it. But enjoy it I do.

To commemorate the day, I decided to do something different for a change. I will write my piece, but I am also going to ask for your two cents. You'll see what I'm talking about in a sec.

I don't have a cool picture to post and have funny captions be provided, so we'll do something different. The topic of the day is this: weird things seen while driving. You might be asking yourself, what qualifies? The answer is anything goes, short of actual accidents. I'm talking about the crazy things people do behind the wheel. Here's some examples:

1. I'm driving in the city, along a two lane street. A truck wants to turn left going the opposite direction, so pulls out and parks himself in the middle of the road, waiting for the other side of the road to clear. Either the guy was oblivious to the traffic he was blocking, or he was just pushing his weight around, I'm not sure which.

2. An older gentleman pulled, turning right, pulled into my lane. This, I have no problem with, on the condition that you accelerate and join the flow of traffic. But no, this guy wanted to get in the left lane. So what does he do? Slams on his breaks and stops in the middle of the road, until the left lane opens up and he pulls into the lane. You bet your ass I laid on the horn for that one.

3. A woman driving down the road was yakking on her phone, apparently oblivious to the fact that she was actually driving her car. Her hands were flying, she probably couldn't see straight, and her car swerved around the lane. I think her cell phone privileges should be revoked.

4. A neighbor of mine had a late midlife crisis. He bought a brand new Mitsubishi Eclipse (this was in the late 1990s), 6-speed, bright orange. He cruised around town, and even the neighborhood, sitting in his special low seats, one hand on the wheel and one resting out the window, windows down, sunroof open, American flag on the antenna, and really loud crappy rock music blasting on the stereo. Every time I saw the guy I bust out into a fit of laughter.

5. The local car accident attorney, who has billboards and TV spots showing the importance of safety in cars, probably should practice his safe driving skills. Why do I say this, you ask? No reason, other than that my brothers and I saw him driving his Mercedes-Benz, picking his nose as he drove.

Ok, that should be enough to get started. What are the strangest, most bizarre, funny, and/or pissy things you've seen people do in the car? Remember, anything goes. I want to hear it all.

Don't hold back.