Can You Handle Fusion?

The recent Super Bowl has proven not only to be a good time to enjoy the sport of football, but apparently also a good time to advertise for the release of brand new products.

One that comes to mind is the new Gillette Fusion razor. The amount of competition these days is staggering, and if I may say so, predictable. It's easy to predict what products will be released, but guessing the names of these products is a challenge. After Gillette released the phenomenal Mach III razor, which was a brilliant and long over-due upgrade from the Track II, things went downhill. What made Mach III great was that the blade actually bent.

Next up, in a devilish plan to beat out its competition, Schick entered its own brainchild, Quattro. Their idea was that four blades was far more powerful than three. However, they didn't copy the entire design, which seems rather unusual, but regardless of my opinion, Quattro disappointed. It had no special flexible blade, so it was still tough to use, and Gillette's M3 Power trumped it easily.

But Gillette is still in the game, trying to stay one step ahead of the competition. And so we have Fusion, a five-blade razor that comes in both manual and battery power! Talk about options.

If the Super Bowl ads did nothing for you, with the blue and orange blazing forms of technology uniting in a giant explosion and producing this earth-shattering new technology, then perhaps the website will. Enter Cassandra, sexy web hostess to the Gillette Fusion website, who poses patiently as the page loads, and then proceeds to give you a full tour of the website and explains the razor in great detail. As head honcho of the area, Cassandra is an expert in all things Fusion.

She'll give you the low down, short of revealing the secrets of the production of Fusion itself (trade secrets), and will put to rest any irrational fears you might have that someday in the near future, there'll be a 20-blade razor that's just too darn big to actually use on your face.

When all is said and done, you'll be left with only one final question: why the heck are all the guys shown in shaving commercials already clean shaven?