Yesterday, I went swimming with a friend of mine from school. When I arrived on campus, I discovered that the place was packed, and it was nearly impossible to find a place to park.

At first, I assumed that the crowded lots were thanks to Riverdance, who are performing several shows this weekend in one of the theaters on campus. As it turns out, I was only partially right.

On the field outside the gym, I witnessed a Lacrosse game in progress. It's kind of fun to watch, because the game is exciting and the people in the crowd get really into it.

I continued on, however, and made my way into the gym, where I was confronted with the next big parking lot stuffer: a wrestling tournament. It was one of those big state wrestling tournaments for a large age-range, and it showcased a clever title, similar to "State Wrestling Tournament." I realized something was up when I saw the SUV parked outside packed full with Gildan boxes for the occasion. I thought to myself, "Ah, those would be the t-shirts with "State Wrestling" printed on them, which will be worn fervently for the coming weeks after the match, before being forgotten about and then dropped off at the nearest Saver's.

Anyway, I ignored most of the spectacle, and continued on my way to the pool to swim. We didn't swim hard, but instead I helped my friend out with some of his technique. It was a lot of fun, but after about an hour and a half, we decided to throw in the towel.

As we were leaving, we happened to look into the gymnasium in use for the big wrestling match. Curiosity got the best of me, and I went to gawk at the spectacle from an open doorway. My friend joined me, and we had the following conversation while watching two six-year-olds duke it out:

Friend: Wow, I didn't know they came so small. Look how cute they are!
Me: Yes, cute until they suddenly attack your leg and break out the WWF moves.
Friend: Still, I had no idea they started so young.
Me: Actually, it's really good for them, teaching them how to kick each other's asses. But hey, at least they encourage good sportsmanship. See the handshake?
Friend: That's true.

After we had had our fill of watching the show, we headed out and went on our way. What an intense experience that was.