70th Blog Entry - An Obituary

This one's for you, Javacat.

Phil entered this world on January 12. The son of two loving parents and some ungrateful yet fun siblings, he grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the place of his birth.

He received a public school education for twelve years before graduating high school and moving on to college. Phil was often described as extremely friendly, and was always known for making others lighten up.

Growing up, Phil was known for day-dreaming and for having quite an imagination. Though he always appeared mature on the outside, inside Phil was a child at heart, forever looking for new ways to challenge the definition of "fun." Phil was also known for being extremely laid back, and was content to take the everyday troubles of life with a shrug.

Albuquerque, NM -- Phil, a college student and 2006 Bloggy Nominee, died on this seventh day of March, 2006. He was 22 years old.

Though his death comes as a shock to many, Phil left this world with no regrets, stating on his death-bed that he had learned lots and had lived a life of integrity and substance.

Phil was hospitalized Sunday, suffering from complications of spending entirely too much time focusing on school and studying for midterms while eating Cheez-Its.

Often described by others as kind-hearted, pleasant, honest, extremely laid-back, and possessing a contagious humor and wit, Phil can only be called a paradox. Despite his go-getter personality and Myers-Briggs certified "extroverted" label, Phil was something of a loner, albeit an unusually social one, placing others' problems above his own, and choosing never to burden others if he could help it.

In the final months of his life, Phil discovered Yahoo! 360, a blogging community where he was finally able to express himself through writing. Friends from the community seemed to enjoy his quirky nature and odd perception of the universe. Phil was thrilled to have a venue to write and have his work be read, and he discovered he loved telling stories.

In his final moments, Phil made a few parting thoughts. "Now, just think of me as being about as useful as the family dog. Only me you don't have to feed. And while it is sad to be going, I admit there are some things I most certainly will not miss, such as pulling weeds. I know it sounds heartless and cruel, but what can I say, it's true."

Phil's family would love for you to attend his funeral and memorial service, which will take place tomorrow afternoon at 3pm at Yahoo! Brambled Acres, where he is to be buried.

Not being one for long goodbyes, and certainly not one for flowers, Phil's family would like to make it known that the only gifts they will accept is food, considering especially how much Phil loved food, and they left a guest book below to be signed. Feel free to sign the list in the book, and any nice stories you share about Phil are most appreciated.