I'm not normally one to post things about science, but I came up with this unusual theory and wanted to share it. Over the course of the last few years, I have noticed a strange and unusual phenomenon. It has been slow to develop, but it is steadily growing more common with time.

You might find yourself thinking, "I haven't noticed anything. What on earth is Phil talking about?" This thought might make you skeptical, casting doubt on both my intellect and my sanity. Ok, maybe not.

What I am about to propose is not only new and groundbreaking, but also of utmost importance. To begin, I would like to tell you what I have decided to call this, because all good things start with a title:


You have no doubt heard about Einstein's Theory of Relativity, which mathematically proves that we perceive time passing with varying speed, sometimes quickly and other times not so quickly. For my theory, I have borrowed the concept of relativism to support my observations.

Thus far, here are the observations I have made:

1. Magnetic fields have undergone a shift, sometimes even going so far as to act similarly to gravity (i.e. you can't escape it).

2. New properties of magnetism have been found in new places, especially in the case of bricks.

What has led me to these incredible observations is, ironically, construction. And the catalyst of discovering the magnetism itself is cars.
Near where I live, new housing divisions have been developing recently.

Before building any of the houses, or town houses as in this case, the empty lots were first graced with a brick wall. The intent was to separate the area, allowing the future homes privacy and perhaps some yards.

However, these walls were also intended to offer protection from cars passing by. Little do the builders know, however, that their form of protection unwittingly threw the area's magnetic field into flux.

The brick walls have a profound impact on the cars driving by, drawing them effortlessly. Where there were previously no accidents in the open space, the walls draw car after car towards them, leading to many cars smashing headlong into the wall.

How can I be sure that it is magnetism that is causing this? Simple. The many incidents of cars striking the walls happen frequently, and there is only ever one car involved. Said car is driving happily along, when suddenly it is out of control, drawn like a magnet to the wall.

With the latest subdivision, the construction people realized the power of the brick walls on the magnetic fields, and so have built a second wall behind the first, to counteract it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully we see fewer wrecks into walls in the future. That would sure be nice.

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