Thus far, today has been a wild day in terms of seeing new things around town. Adrian and Chops, I think you guys will like like this.

One of my favorite things to do is drive around town and just see what there is to see. Every now and again, it's nice to just get out and drive, with no stress or worry about being somewhere on time. Today was one such day, and I found myself watching the traffic move around and along with me.

As luck would have it, I ended up stuck at a red light. Sure, that might not sound lucky, and I myself thought it wasn't. That is, until the neon pink GMC Safari pulled up next to me. Naturally, it was impossible for me to resist gaping at the thing.

The van was covered in a variety of writing and self-promotions for Albuquerque's very own branch of the Glove Lady! I had never heard of her before, but after seeing the van, I understand why. No need for TV spots, magazine ads, or billboards for advertising. All she needed was her van, with its smattering of information. I sense she's relying only on word of mouth, because no one will ever be able to go without telling everyone they know about the van. This blog entry is further proof of that.

I don't honestly remember much of the information written on the van, except for the punch line:

"How's your glove life?"

From the second I laid eyes upon this line, it was all over. I doubled up in a fit of laughter, unable to contain myself. The image of the neon pink van with the aforementioned rhetorical question will now be imprinted in my mind for a long time to come.

Next, as I was heading back for lunch, I happened to drive by a new shopping strip being built. I've been watching the progress, as always finding myself the process amazing to watch. The building is nearing completion, and today they added on a sign for one of the businesses.

The one I saw was for a new restaurant. Though I think it might be a small chain, the name was brilliant: Marco Pollo. I don't care if the only thing they serve is chicken, or if there food isn't even particularly good. A restaurant with a name like that gets props in my book.

And so, as I round out this short and uninteresting blog, there's only one question I'm left with.

How's your glove life?