Today is Saturday, and all day I have been consumed by this feeling of intense laziness. Maybe it was because I slept in until 11:45, or because it was cloudy, or because it was fuccant windy. But whatever the reason, it's been a lazy day.

I wasn't planning on posting anything today, but when I came across Nikki's blog today, I decided, what the heck, I'd give it a shot. It seemed amusing, and I'm always a sucker for amusement.

Basically, all you do is google your name plus the word 'is.' So in my case, I googled "Phil is". Pretty snazzy, huh? You don't know the half of it. So anyway, take the first ten results that have any sort of coherence to them and post them. I will now proceed to set an example that is the epitome of perfection. Enjoy.

1. Phil is... surprise surprise, a doctor (of the Ph.D. variety) who offers--nay, throws--advice at people about their love lives. He's got a cul-de-sac hairdo, a mustache, and is no nonsense. Of course, his claim to fame won't last much longer, considering Yo Phil is taking the world by storm, and yours truly is a wee bit competitive.

2. Phil is... a rock star, former singer for Genesis and all around bad-ass musician. He's short but can belt out in song like none other, and actually puts on a pretty darn good show.

3. Phil is... a master at predicting the future, specifically how much longer winter will last every year. That's right, he's a stupendously talented groundhog, and if you don't believe him, he'll bite you in the ass!

4. Phil is... a brilliant guy who's a professor, pilot, and amateur photographer, who also happens to own a giant shaggy white dog. In addition to being so incredible, don't miss the amount of instruction made available to you in each of the aforementioned talents. Two words: I rule.

5. Phil is... a guitarist extraordinnaire and professional musician. Click here to check out the brand new DVD versions of guitar instructional tapes made over 10 years ago. Oh, and don't forget to check back sometime soon to find out more about the vocal album, replete with love songs of all variety, due out this fall!

6. Phil is... an astronomer who wants to clear up the many misconceptions of the astral world with his catchily-titled website, Bad Astronomy. And don't forget to check out the Bad Astronomy Blog. With a catch phrase like "The good, the bad, the astronomy," you know it's gotta be good.

7. Phil is... the host of the "greatest radio show in the history of radio." I really think that title speaks to my more modest side. I think the quote reason enough to check out the show. If you really want to, check it out here.

8. Phil is... a guy who runs a website whose symbol in the address bar looks remarkably similar to Wikipedia's. He runs a blog called Technometria, and as luck would have it, is looking for people to help him run a panel called Blogging 101. Any volunteers?

9. Phil is... a super handy search database at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. It's an acronym that stands for Public Health Image Library. Gosh, I know a whole lot more than I ever imagined I did.

10. Phil is... a digital magpie, whatever that is. Supposedly he's some guy who's a professor of some sort, and he runs a blog that seems to be exactly what he describes: fit for a digital magpie. What can I say, I'm mysterious that way.

Well, there you have it. That ends the google tour of who is Phil. It was interesting to learn more about myself, and my many talents. The tour de Phil is now complete, please exit through the side doors. Have a nice day!