Though spring is in the air, and I certainly do enjoy it, there are some aspects of spring I find particularly frustrating and/or downright annoying. I'll describe these in no particular order, just more or less in whatever direction my mind takes.

1. One of the best things about spring is that it starts to warm up, and everything outside suddenly changes. Trees start budding, grass turns green (or greener, as it were). The time changes (arrgh), but the days get longer, so that's always nice. As the weather warms up, I find myself wanting to stay outside all day and take naps in the grass. Spring makes me lazy.

2. Along with the new life returning to nature, the bugs come along with it. Now, I don't mind the bugs, but I would prefer they keep to themselves. There's no need for them to fly in my face or buzz around me. I hate chasing bugs through the house, or discovering at some point that some jerk bug decided to lay eggs somewhere in the house, and suddenly there's a bajillion of the little beasts flying and crawling all over the place.

3. Allergies. No need to elaborate there.

4. Ambiguous weather. Sometimes it's hard to predict whether you'll actually end up needing a jacket. It may be warm and sunny in the morning, and suddenly, without warning, clouds will pour in and it gets cold. It's always such a pain in the butt to decide whether to bring the coat and risk the extra carrying weight, or to chance and freeze your butt off.

5. While I generally enjoy the smell in the air of budding trees (despite the pollen that makes me sneeze), there are some trees that could kill a dead horse with their stench. At my school, there are a lot of one particular form of tree that, while pleasant when in full bloom, stinks to high heaven when it starts budding. Every time I walk by them, I have to pull my shirt over my nose and run. I have no idea why it is that they reek, as there is no label on what kind of tree this is, and so know not where it tends to grow, and google wasn't very helpful when I did a search for "foul-smelling tree."

Well, at least for now, that's about all that I can think of. Dare I ask what your favorite or least favorite aspect of spring is?