My friend Lia did a really cool blog yesterday about poetry, and also mentioned that April is poetry month. I don't think I've ever posted anything poetic, short of some limerick's for Javacat's Limerick Challenge.

So today, I decided it would be fun for me to step up and try something new. Please forgive the poor quality of the poem you see below. Also, please keep in mind that the poem is far from profound. It was actually inspired by a choice few people from whom I've received invites lately, who obviously knew that their actions (well, pictures) speak louder than words.

Shake Your Stuff

I have yet to fully comprehend
Exactly why I should be your friend
I check my email and what should I see
But a butt-ugly face and a white booty

With a name like 'Oh So Sexy Beast'
Or 'I'll Make You Rise Better Than Yeast'
How can I possibly turn you away
Oh, my heart is so deeply swayed

Here's to you, o amateur porn star
I can tell, in life, you will go far
You're god's great gift to the world of sex
Your hand is stacked with a full deck

I'm sure everyone digs your leather and lace
And the smug expression plastered on your face
And what's not to love about your blog
With all the latest about you and your dog

But do us a favor, and please stop writing
About how much you fancy biting
And stop filling out gross questionnaires
And I beg you, say no more about pubic hairs

"But Phil, you can't say no!" you say
Well guess what darling, that's right, I'm gay
And I'm not into that crap anyway

So please, just do us all a favor
Believe me, you will thank us later
Enjoy your sex, and/or amour
Behind the confines of a closed door

Thank you.