It is time once again for the infamous Yo Phil column. This time, however, the question is of a more serious nature. I ask that you, the reader, supply the fun today. Your input is greatly appreciated.

Todays question comes from Morbie, a lovely blogger with a wonderful sense of humor and an all-around nice person. She writes:

Yo Phil,

I have had my fill of the Owen thing, and I tried the forgive and forget, mean while he was telling me that someone still wanted to meet him, but he was going to meet her and really try to hurt her feelings or make a fool out of her... should I tell her? She seems to be a great girl, dumb if she still wants to be with him, but yet still a great girl...



Your concern is most certainly well founded. In the interest of full disclosure, this girl has a right to know what all has happened, from all sides. She has a right to know how so many others have been hurt by Owen. Though I myself was more or less uninvolved, since I never really got to know the guy all that well, my opinion is irrelevant. However, I have read a large number of the blogs about the lies he spread and how much they hurt. I do not believe that so many people could feel so terrible out of coincidence.

On the other hand, this girl also has a right to see how Owen himself responded to the whole situation. After all, we're all human, and he himself was affected. Whether the effect was positive, negative, or somewhere in between remains to be seen.

Now that I have elaborated on feelings, allow me to offer a nice plan of attack. Casually hint that he's not sincere, and actually intends to hurt her. If that doesn't work, perhaps saying it outright will. Or if, as I suspect, this girl might think you're just trying to talk her out of meeting someone in whom she's interested, try a new approach.

First, if she's traveling, make sure she books a hotel. When meeting in real life someone you've met online, it is a very good idea to have your own lodging. That way, should something go awry, you have your own place to stay safely, and can make the most of the rest of your trip. I am fully aware of what went on with the last Owen fiasco, and that is further proof that this is a good idea. Yes, sometimes we have to learn the hard way, but that's life. We live, we learn, we move on and don't make the same mistakes anymore. That said, if said Owen is going to be traveling to visit, be sure to direct him to an online hotel directory or something.

I realize that this advice column so far consists of mostly sound advice, not the usual humor contained therein. I did this for a number of reasons. First, the person in question is not someone to joke about, due to the fact that he seriously hurt a lot of people. Second, meeting someone you've only ever met online can go a variety of ways: it can be great, as we all hope we've met people who are real and sincere; it can go okay, where maybe someone doesn't look like the person they've presented themselves as, but are otherwise the same; or it can be a complete fiasco, meaning that everything was lies.

That's only two reasons, but two is still a number, so you can't fault me for that one. Okay, end of seriousness.

Your last point left me thinking. If Owen has any intention of hurting your friend, I recommend your friend, if she still insists on meeting the guy, come up with a killer plan of her own as a means of counterattack. That way, should he try to make a fool of her, she will be equally prepared to make a fool of him. This can involve anything creative, such as breaking out a whoopi cushion for him to sit on in public, to embarrassing him in public. These are but a few suggestions. I encourage readers of this blog to post in the comments section their own ideas for fun ways to get back at the guy, should he try anything. Perhaps, with the variety of everyone's suggestions, a killer plan can come to life.

Hope that helps.


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