The Sun and Me

It's spring. In my recent blog dedicated to spring, I mentioned a variety of things that this season has to offer, both positive and negative. One of those positive things really hit town here yesterday: beautiful weather. It turned out to be a mostly cloudless day with plenty of shine, and just the right amount of warmth, reaching only about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. To sum the day up into one word, it was perfect.

And on this perfect day, take a wild guess what yours truly could not resist doing. Though I had lots to do and even had class and such, I still managed to stay out in the sun for more than two hours all at once. I had lunch in the sun, I people-watched on campus, visited with a couple of friends, and almost managed to actually get some work done outside. I tell you, it was a dream come true.

Spring is a magical season, and despite the amount of responsibility I bear, it still manages to make me forget my worries and just relax and enjoy life. I love it.

Of course, I am convinced that I am only alloted a certain amount of good karma, and while I am enjoying said karma, the bad karma gets its payback. Once again, you guessed it. I am now Lobster Man. The amount of time I spent in the sun exposed me to vast amounts of direct sunlight and ultraviolet rays, and I am now quite sunburn.

After enjoying my time outside, I had continued about my day normally, happily doing my own thing. It was not until several hours later, when I was washing my hands in the bathroom, that I got a glimpse of my face in the mirror. My nose, cheeks, and forehead had all turned a rosy shade of red, and when I looked down at my arms, I noticed that they too were red.

Yes indeed, this is the first official sunburn of the year. And despite what I know is coming, the constant feeling of warmth, the possibly peeling skin, the possible fever, I can honestly say that it was 100% worth it. I had such a great time enjoying the outdoors that I refuse to regret it.

And next time, I'll wear a hat and some sunscreen.

*Oh, and if anyone asks, I've decided to tell them I obtained this lovely "tan" while visiting the Sphinx in Egypt, as you can see in the photograph above. The Sphinx looks smaller than it actually is, mainly due to the peculiar angle at which this photograph was taken.