The Brows

Have you ever found yourself wondering why people do certain things? As in, something seems so weird that you can't help but wonder what the heck the point of it all really is? Recently, I found myself in such a situation.

It all started Saturday afternoon, when I was out and about, wandering around town, and ended up stopping at Target to pick up a few things. Everything seemed normal, and as usual I enjoyed the people watching more than the shopping itself.

It was at the checkout counter that I saw her. She was young, probably late twenties or early thirties, and something about her face caught my eye. For some reason, it didn't look right. I found myself staring, the detective in me sifting through the clues and trying to figure out what was off.

Suddenly, she arched her eyebrows, and then it struck me. She didn't have any! Okay, I figured, she was in some sort of accident or had some medical condition, which explains it. I've never heard of such a thing, but the idea seemed plausible.

Of course, upon further inspection, I noticed that her face was caked with makeup, and I also got a good look at the "eyebrow" lines she had drawn (or whatever the word is for drawing in the eyebrows). The lines were unnaturally long, seeming to nearly reach her ear. Odd.

Before I knew it, she whirled around and stared at me, eyebrows arched. I gasped as I saw little muscle lines move, while her stenciled-in eyebrows remained still. To say the least, it was a bit odd to take it all in, and the image is still imprinted in my mind (hence why I'm writing this entry).

I'm afraid I have no grasp of modern fashion, and this case escapes me even further.

Okay, okay, I'll fess up. The whole spectacle had me in fits of laughter, and now I'm unsure whether to feel guilty about it (what if it's not something she can help, so she's covering it up as best she can?) or whether to just let loose and laugh in good fun, with as little true meanness as possible.

I'm torn. So in the interest of fairness, I'll put it to a vote, and you can help me decide.

What are these mysterious eyebrows? (results in parentheses)

I've heard of that, it's a medical problem, called Eyebrow Absentia, or something like that. (5)

She plucked them and drew in new ones. It's a fashion statement. (23)

She's really some kind of extra-terrestrial, or alien, if you will. (16)