100th Entry - A Sellout

The time has come. This is now the official 100th blog entry a la me. For a while, I knew I was getting close, but it snuck up on me pretty fast. Those of you who know me well know by now that I like to change things up and try new things, and no doubt some of you guessed that I wanted something of a bang for my 100th entry. What can I stay, I'm all about style and panache.

Well, maybe not, but I just like to say the word panache. Anyway, on with the explanation. I wracked my brain trying to think up something fun and different, and the only idea I came up with was rather cheesy, but at the same time sounded really fun in my head. So I'm going with it.

WARNING: The following is a shameless promotion of myself, not because I'm incredibly vain, but because it's a parody of a giant written informercial (from the newspaper). Given that infomercials are all about saying how wonderful [insert product name] is, so too is this entry in the same spirit. If you fancy yourself pretty savvy, I challenge you to figure out which advertisement I chose to parody. Good luck, and enjoy.

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