Despite the fact that I recently emerged victorious of yet another semester of school, my life remains rather hectic. I admit that a part of me enjoys having all sorts of things to do, but at the same time, I really do wish time could just pause for a little while so I could "catch my breath," so to speak.

Why do I say this, you ask? I'll tell you. During the semester, I had a variety of extra things to do, all of which I was able to successfully procrastinate (without guilt, mind you) because I had more pressing things to attend to.

Now that my semester is over, however, I have no such excuses, and a million unfinished projects/responsibilities have reared their ugly heads, and I'm stuck with a mountain of things to do. I tell you, it puts a serious damper on the r&r I want so badly.

Fortunately for me, I have something of a lazy streak, and I've managed to do right by myself by pacing myself so that I gradually get to everything. It does feel finish those things I started but hadn't yet completed, but I only want to feel so good a little at a time.

That said, I guess I'd best get some of that stuff done. It never ends, does it?