So it would seem I've been tagged by Jim for a fun 4 meme game. I've actually done one of these before, though this one is somewhat different. If you're interested, you can read the other one here. And since I have had no time to put together a decent blog these last few days, I'll play along, though I'm changing some of the questions so that they're new and fun.

Name four things you always carry with you

1. Money - It's just one of those things that's generally useful to have around. Granted, I don't usually have much, but enough to get by.

2. Sunglasses - I always have to have my sunglasses with me, even if I don't actually wear them (i.e. I'm indoors). My eyes are pretty sensitive to light, so they're always useful to keep with me.

3. Cell phone - I don't tend to talk much on the phone, but it's pretty handy to have around.

4. Pen - I always have a pen (I only use blue ballpoint pens) on hand in my pocket. I've found it's one of the single most useful things to carry around. I can use it instead of those "Stay-Put Pens" (like at the bank). I don't care about the germ factor, per se, but I hate the little metal thing dangling from the pen because it always gets in the way when I'm trying to write with those things. My own pen saves me from this annoyance. Plus, having a pen of my own means that, should I wind up stuck in a waiting room of some sort, I can amuse myself by doodling on random paper, picking up a crossword, or maybe a sudoku puzzle. If there's nothing to write, then I have something I can fidget with. No matter what it is, the pen can keep me amused.

Name four of your favorite types of cookies

As a rule, I prefer all cookies I eat to be homemade (yes, I even bake them myself). They're so much better that way.

1. Chocolate Chip - You can never go wrong with a classic. There's just something about those little chocolate chips in a cookie that is mouth-watering good.

2. Snickerdoodle - A sugar cookie with lots of cinammon, and they're best when they're warm and soft, straight out of the oven. These cookies rule.

3. Biscochito - I'm a native New Mexican, and these cookies are always good. I love anise, it adds such good flavor. If you're unfamiliar with anise, it's the flavor used in black licorice (not the twizzler variety, I'm talking the real thing -- black twizzlers are something other than licorice, though I'm not sure exactly what).

4. Chocolate Crinkle - A fantastic all-chocolate cookie that looks just you'd picture it, as having "crinkles" in it. Sprinkle on powered sugar to make it look cool, and this cookie is downright amazing.

Name four of the best roller coasters you've ever ridden

Sadly, I have not visited as many amusement parks as I would like, but I've been to a few, at least enough to answer this question.

1. Superman Krypton Coaster - Fiesta Texas in San Antonio features this incredible roller coaster that takes you up 100 ft and sends you at over 100 mph down a hill and through one of the biggest loop-the-loops I've ever seen. It's a pummeling ride, and time spent upside down and barrel-rolling along leaves you gasping for breath and ready for more.

2. The Poltergeist - Aptly named, imagine a sixty-second ride on a giant piece of metal that's bent and twisted to the point that, as an observer, you can't even follow the path of the tracks. Not to mention the fact that this thing has no hill to climb, but rather some pretty huge magnets pull you forward and rush you up a steep incline. Through this ride, you have no idea which direction is up or out, and your eyes can't even register what you're seeing because it's just too fast. It's amazing. Oh yeah, it's also at Fiesta Texas.

3. The Texas Giant - At Six Flags over Texas (near Dallas), this towering wooden roller coaster is nothing short of sheer beast. Labeled the number one wooden roller coaster in the world, and rightly so, prepare yourself for a fast ride that does not want to seem to end, no matter how much you want it to.

4. The Great White - Oddly enough, San Antonio's Sea World houses this coaster. The track is above you, so prepare yourself for a wild ride, all the while your feet will be dangling below you. It's a fun ride.

Name four of your favorite comedians

1. Eddie Izzard - What's not to love about a British transvestite? His humor is poignant, witty, and covers a wide variety of topics. His transitions between topic tend to be choppy, but it's more like a trademark than anything.

2. Bill Cosby - Only one of the best and funniest comedians to ever walk the earth, and he can deliver a punch line in his sleep. And if you don't laugh at his dentist routine, I worry about you.

3. George Carlin - Despite the fact that the man has virtually no boundaries, I really like him. Perhaps it's for the reason that, according to him, he likes to go places others are afraid to go, and in that sense challenge his own audience. I'll go along with that, because he's usually so funny anyway.

4. Robin Williams - Though his latest acting choices have not been all that great (RV, are you kidding?), I enjoy most of his standup work. Probably what I like most is the voices he does, it amazes me at how well he does accents and can change his voice. It's astounding.

Name four random things about yourself

1. When I eat a sack lunch, or on a picnic, I eat everything in a specific order: first the fruit, then the sandwich, then the chips. There's no compulsion to it, it's just a habit I developed that, for some reason, I still hold.

2. No matter how hot it is outside, I don't usually like to drive with the a/c on. I'd rather open the window. The only exception I make is if it's extremely windy outside.

3. I love to fall asleep while watching a movie or reading a book. There's really no better way to relax, and I generally find that, especially when life gets hectic or you have a lot on your mind, it's a great way to give your mind a rest, and you'll sleep more soundly.

4. I possess a single copy of FHM magazine (For Him Magazine). Obviously, that magazine is not targeted for a guy like me, but it had a great article about Monty Python, so I had to get it.

I won't tag anyone, but should you happen to want to play along, leave me a comment saying so and I'll be sure to read it.