Driving is ever the eventful experience. No matter how much experience you acquire, there's always more to learn. And, as I was humbly reminded the other day, there are certain things that you simply cannot control when you are driving.

This past Tuesday, I was driving along, minding my own business, frustrated with traffic but still my usual car-dancing/singing self. I'm driving along with the flow of traffic, which was moving 30 mph in a 40 mph zone. At that groundbreaking speed, I was not worried about too much.

That is, until I look up ahead to my right and see a projectile flying toward me. Indeed, a rock suddenly flew into the air and made a perfect arc...right toward me. It was one of those moments in which time suddenly slows down when the rock arced at its peak, and then instantly time goes back to normal and the rocks comes barreling forward, the laws of physics demanding that gravity act upon it immediately.

Gravity was clearly not working in my favor that day, as I happened to be driving exactly in the rock's path of return to earth. Two words escaped my mouth before the inevitable collision of the rock on my windshield:

"Oh shit."

Despite the fact that I watched the thing, I flinched/jumped when it made contact with the windshield with a resounding crack. When I came to a stop a little farther down the road, I looked at my poor windshield to see what damage had been done, and sure enough, the glass maintained a large chunk missing and a crack that I knew would spider.

Thankfully, the rock was not terribly large, but it was large enough to put a good dent in the windshield, though at the time I was just thankful that it hit the glass and not, say, me. No doubt that would sting.

The good news, though, is that I took it to the glass place yesterday, and, though the crack was almost beyond what they could repair, the guy gave it a shot anyway. He filled it in very nicely, and my windshield is in good shape once again.