The following is a creative writing piece, compliments go to Rod for the great idea. The topic is "Out the Window," and what you read below is my own creative writing piece inspired by the topic. I hope you enjoy.

Stare out the window. Lose yourself in thought. Perhaps if you sit and think long enough about everything, your worries will suddenly go away, and your fears will be unfounded. Yes, that would be nice, wouldn't it. Just let everything fall by the wayside, and perhaps you could rest easy.

Stare out the window. See trees, birds, signs of life. The variety and majesty trumps all. Look to the horizon, see endless possibilities and gaze, awestruck, at what no man could ever create.

Stare out the window. Focus on nothing, allow your thoughts to flow as they may. Close your eyes, allow your conscience to clear. Let yourself be enveloped in peace. Let it consume you.

Stare out the window. Your eyes glaze over as you stare, transfixed, at nothing in particular. No matter how much you want to, you cannot control the thoughts rushing through your head. Feelings intrude on your senses, and you feel things you do not consciously permit yourself to feel or think.

Stare out the window. The window stares back. Only it's you that stares back. You, a reflection of a rational mind. You, who always was, who always is, and who always will be. You cannot change you. You are you.

Stare out the window.