In this day and age of continually recycled movies and convoluted sequels and/or prequels, we are periodically blessed with a film that actually promises a small specter of originality.

If you have seen X-Men 3: The Last Stand, you'll know that I'm talking about the funniest preview played, none other than Snakes on a Plane! The story involves snakes on board in airplane, believe it or not. Though no one working on the film will ever publicly admit it, I suspect that the following were among the ideas before finally settling on snakes:

  • Gophers on a Tractor
  • Squirrels on a City Bus
  • Lemmings on a Cruise Ship
  • Collies on a Commuter Train

Probably what happened was they looked at the five possibilities, realized that the snakes would eat the other four in the group (including the collies), and realized that they were therefore the most menacing. And thus a movie was born.

While the title itself is reason enough to see this film, there are other perks that will undoubtedly merit hitting the theater on opening day:

  1. It stars Samuel L. Jackson, who wowed the world with performances in movies such as Pulp Fiction and The Negotiator.
  2. It's rated R. An R rating generally means "this movie is incredible." In this case, the violence and action only earned a PG-13 rating, so filmmakers decided to up the ante with dialogue. Instead of having Jackson say "I want these snakes off this plane!", they have chosen to challenge our minds with the new and breathtaking lines, "I want these motherfucking snakes off this motherfucking plane!" That line gives me chills just reading it.
  3. It involves snakes. On a plane. Regardless of the rest of the plot, especially whether said plot can even be called interesting, this fact alone makes the film worth viewing. At least twice.

So go ahead. Clear your calendar on August 18, because this is one blockbuster hit you will not want to miss.