Every once in a while, I am blessed to bear witness to the new and wildly unusual. Perhaps this is due to life's tendency to go on auto-pilot. Days come and go, but nothing really seems to stand out in any way. So without ever actually being aware of it, life gets boring and monotonous.

Oh sure, it never seems that way. That is, until you find yourself in the midst of something that can only be described as bizarre. Indeed, I found myself in such a position yesterday.

Yesterday, I happened to be out shopping for shorts and some new shirts, and I happened to overhear a cell phone conversation from a man nearby. This is nothing unusual, as I've gotten used to the whole cell phone thing by now. I still get annoyed when people yak so loud that anyone within a 20-foot radius can hear them, but I digress.

What made this whole situation strange was not that it took place, but where it took place. I happened to be at J.C. Penny. In the fitting room. You read correctly, the cell phone conversation I was subjected to took place in the fitting rooms. To be precise, in the room right next to mine.

Most times, if I don't want to listen to people yak on their cell phones, I can just walk away. As you can imagine, I wasn't exactly in any position to do so at the time.

The following is only a mere part of the conversation that took place (my thoughts/responses are in italics):

Man: Hi...well, I'm in the fitting room at the moment.
Do tell.
Man: Why would I want to do that? That makes me mad just thinking about it.
Uh oh, here it comes.
Man: Well, you just tell him that that's not something we can think about right now...of course I'm upset! But I don't want to talk about it.
Good, good. Now hang up the damn phone.
Man: What?!! He thinks he can move and I won't have an opinion about it? No. No.

Though I don't make a habit of eavesdropping, I plead innocence in this case, as I was not offered an opportunity otherwise. So while I didn't read into the conversation too much, I'm only human, and my mind sought out possible reasons for said conversation: moving out, a pregnant girlfriend, and parole violation, to name a few.

I still remain somewhat perplexed about the whole ordeal. I will wrap up by leaving you with a lovely piece of advice:

If you're looking for a nice private spot for a cell phone conversation, please, please do not have it in the fitting rooms. Ever.