Okay, so it's been a few days and I didn't post my cell phone entry right away. This had nothing to do with karma, but just that it's been a busy week and I didn't get around to it until now. So, let the cell phone story commence.

It's Tuesday afternoon. I'm running errands. I'm driving all over town. I'm going crazy with all the things I've had to do. I'm fed up. I'm driving home.

As I'm driving home, I turn onto a street in a mostly residential area, getting nearer all the time that place called home. I'm approaching a traffic light, which, to my delight, is green. I see other cars waiting for the light to change so that they may go. At least, I think they're waiting for it to change.

I'm proven wrong. I spy a white H2 Hummer. It starts to roll forward, and keep rolling, and then accelerating. I look at the obviously moronic driver: she's young (mid-20's, maybe), long blonde hair, and has her cell phone glued to her hand, which is glued to her ear. Her mouth moves, a blur as words fly into the metallic object applied to her ear.

She pulls out in front of me, while I'm mere feet away going almost 40 mph. I become one with the car as my feet slam on the clutch and brake and my right arm instinctively hits the horn. I lay on the horn for more than five seconds, hoping that Ms. Oblivious takes the hint that what she just did was not only stupid, but dangerous.

She takes no notice. She keeps driving, her mouth never having stopped its momentous verbiage. I'm left fuming, utterly pissed about the entire ordeal, while she moves on in her blissful stupor.