Finding Your Voice, brought to you once again by Rod. This week's theme is "Detour Ahead," and the following piece is my own creative writing on the topic. This week, I'm breaking tradition and dedicating this piece for my friend Thom. I hope you enjoy.

Detour Ahead

On the road of life, do not expect to find any detour signs. Not because there is no need, but because the road isn't paved. Expect the unexpected. That curve ahead just might prove deadly. Or that hill might be impossible to climb. And perhaps the road will narrow in certain spots, and widen in others.

Of course, if you never drive, you will never find out one way or another. What lies up beyond that bend could remain an elusive mystery, if you so decide. Still, you could always just go take a peek. Just a glimpse. But then you might become fascinated by what you see. And of course you'll have to see more.

Expecting a 'detour ahead' sign? Unfortunately, those never made the production line. You'll just have to make do. Of course, there is one omnipresent warning: there is no telling what the road of life may bring. It may be wondrous and awe-inspiring. It may be less so.

But rest assured that the road of life promises a myriad of experiences. And if you take that chance, and venture out onto the road, buckle your seat belt. There will be bumps. There will be twists and turns.

But in the end, you will find that traveling the road has been worth it. All you have to do is believe in yourself, and driving that road will be much more than a trip: it will be an adventure.

A few announcements real quick here.


Perhaps you've noticed the new look to my blog page. I hope you like it. I am still playing with it, but for the time being, I think this is pretty cool.


To those people who have sent me invites recently, I am glad to meet you, and appreciate that you like my blog. Unfortunately, I cannot accept any friends at this time, for reasons that will become clear with my next announcement.


Friends and readers of this blog, I wanted to let you know that I will be on hiatus starting today. I will try to write when I get a chance, but will not be blogging regularly for about the next month and a half. I will be traveling, and will not have easy access to my computer.

I decided, to keep things simple, that I would go on hiatus until I return. I will write occasional posts, but will be unable to read everyone's blog on a regular basis. This I regret, as you are all talented writers whose work I love to read. But I wanted to let you know this now, rather than have you later wonder from which corner of the earth I had fallen.

For those of you who keep in touch on a more regular basis (you know who you are), I can be reached at my regular email address.

Okay, that's all the announcements. Boring writing will now cease. Thanks for reading.