My summer hiatus is in full swing, and so as no doubt you can imagine, I'm having a great time. The entry you're about to read was actually inspired by time spent at the airport about a week ago. I just didn't have a chance (until now) to write it as a blog entry. I hope you enjoy.

I write this blog entry utterly convinced that airports are designed specifically for blog material. I'm serious. Take the following examples, and then try to tell me I'm wrong:

  • The line to go through security. What used to be short enough to get crowded/congested/backed up has been lengthened considerably at Albuquerque's airport. Despite the minimal number of people traveling at 6:45 in the morning, all the ropes were in place, and thus we travelers had to drag our sleep-deprived asses all the way through the damn line.
  • Metal detectors are no longer the only barrier things to walk through in security. Technology has become so advanced that now ou must also walk through an "air puffer." That's right. Step into the box, place your feet as indicated, and get blasted with puffs of air. Apparently, it's a way to pat you down without the use of a human being, and there are two side effects:

    1. Bad/Annoying: Jets of air are puffed into your eyes. It's slightly less than pleasant.

    2. Good/Shocking: Should you happen to be wearing somewhat baggy shorts, as I was, you might wind up feeling violated.

  • Upon entering the restroom before going to my gate, I walked in on someone who clearly was not expecting anyone to walk in at that exact moment. As it turns out, he was standing in front of the mirror and flexing his "guns." If I was to judge by the look on his face before and after my arrival on the scene, I'd say he has a pretty vivid imagination.

This is but a sampling of what I experienced during my morning stint at the airport. Indeed, it is quite the adventure.