Max Stout drove casually back to town, the hint of a grin across his face. He could not help but feel that he was brilliant, an Einstein compared to everyone in that small town. And Mary! She was so much more than a simple store owner (well, coffee shop owner). He had no idea that getting involved with her might make him filthy rich.

To ensure that the diversion worked, Max and Mary had first changed the tire on the car. Next, they pointed the car straight down the long, seemingly endless stretch of highway. They attached The Club to keep the steering wheel in place. Finally, they took a large rock they had found and placed it on the gas pedal, as they had seen done in a Lifetime movie. It was the perfect plan.

Mary then jumped into the trunk of Max's squad car, and then they turned and headed back to town. After all, they reasoned, nobody would hunt someone down whom they believed to be running away, in their own backyard. Yes, yes! The plan was flawless!

Unfortunately for Mary and Max, however, their hubris taxes were overdue. And just as all good things must come to an end, especially if one defaults on payment, so it was that Mary and Max were in for a surprise.

That surprise was Greg Hurnley, the Town Geezer.