Despite the fact that I am by nature very laid back and easy going, occasionally there are certain things that get on my nerves. It's true that very little does actually get to me, but when something does get to me, look out.

My latest pet peeve regards DVDs. An unlikely one, I know, but that's what it is. I love movies. I love DVDs. But I don't love giant companies who decide that DVDs I purchase should contain heinous propaganda. That's not what I pay for when I buy a movie.

But recently, I've been subjected to this "message" far too often for my taste (admittedly, my taste would be such that I never see said message). I buy a new DVD, excitedly rip it open once I'm home, and gear up to watch a movie. And suddenly, I see no menu, I see no previews.

I am instead subjected to bad music recorded at levels too high, and dull and bright flashes blare before me. Words like "You wouldn't steal a car" suddenly shine on screen, and I have to cover my eyes with both hands to keep from being blinded. "Downloading movies is stealing," I'm warned.

It is at this point that I cry out in anguish, this message having very nearly ruined my movie experience. I hate that I have to see the thing repeatedly. I hate that I can't skip to the menu because of some stupid code built into the disc that disables the DVD player.

And of course I have to stop and wonder why, in the name of [enter chosen noun/name/adjective/deity here], companies decide that the ones who actually pay for movies should be the ones who have to watch that nonsense. Although I suppose, judging from a corporate point of view (assuming, as I am in this case, that said viewpoint is the opposite of reality), that clearly makes the most sense.

But I feel justified in saying that movie companies should not be surprised if downloading fails to magically cease. Call it a hunch.