Because my mind is all a jumble, I have decided to start a post that I can use continuously as I see fit. I've seen it done before with different numbers, and so I have arbitrarily chosen the number 33. Hence the "33 Things" title. Basically, it's going to consist of 33 things I find amusing, sad, interesting, or whatever, that I feel like writing about.


Yesterday I saw one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. On a trip to Party City for browsing around and gawking at all the over-priced Halloween garbage they have for sale, I bore witness to whoopie cushion in the hands of a child. Sure, not all that out of the ordinary. Except that said child was a girl, and she was probably around 4 years old. An age at which, I thought, was fairly innocent. And maybe she was innocent, I'm not judging. Anyway, she would hold the whoopie cushion to her chest and then bend forward so that her chest would come in contact with her thighs. Incidentally, the whoopie cushion just happened to be in the way, and the sound emitted as she crouched down. This caused her to shriek with laughter, and she proceeded to repeat the whole exercise. It was all I could do to not fall over laughing in the middle of the aisle.


I was recently perusing The Facebook, a website designed as a friend network amongst college students. I primarily use it to keep in touch with friends who are out of state, but mostly only those I've met and or maintained friendships with through college. Occasionally, I run across a page of someone I remember from middle school or high school. Sometimes it's interesting to see how people have grown. Most times, though, what I see just reinforces my reasons for no longer hanging out with these people. For instance, a guy I knew from middle school has become a body-builder. He has listed, as one of his accomplishments (of which he is no doubt extraordinarily proud), winning the #5 best college body in the nation. Apparently, he's become one of those types you only expect to see in those muscle magazines. Indeed, one of those people that you always thought were fake, but it turns out they're actually real. I don't imagine that the combination of steroids, creatine, and obsessive dieting will lend itself to longevity. Still, I have to admit, looking at all the pictures with that smug grin of his sure was funny.