Continuing on the journey of 33 Things, today's entry ventures into more random thoughts from my head. If you missed the first entry, check it out here.


When I drink a cold drink, I always prefer that it have ice. Not so much to keep the drink super cold, but to have something to keep me amused once all the liquid has vanished. Indeed, I like to suck on and/or crunch ice. Don't worry, I don't crunch too much, so those of you who were about to scream "you're breaking all the enamel off your teeth!!!" needn't worry. While I generally enjoy this activity, I also find it frustrating, for two reasons:

  • The last piece of ice in the cup has a nasty tendency to remain at the very bottom of the cup, and there's nothing you can do about it. It'll stay there no matter how hard you pound the bottom of the cup/glass/mug. Unless you reach in with your hand to grab it, that thing's not going away until it melts.
  • If you have plenty of ice, you're bound to have some pieces stuck together. A normal sized piece of ice is fine, but the conglomerates don't fit will into your mouth, making it a pretty painful experience to try to hold it in your mouth. So you spit it back into the cup, then try raising your glass for a different piece. Only you can't get another piece, thanks to that darn chunk always managing to stay on top of the others. Talk about maddening.


I've had to visit my college bookstore a few times over the last couple of weeks. I always like to browse the clearance section, as occasionally I stumble upon a great book or a book I desperately want to read for a rockin' great price (read: cheap, inexpensive, and/or fitting to someone on a college budget). Upon last said visits, I noticed a few FoxTrot calendars on clearance, going for approximately $2. What a deal! Except that it's a 2006 calendar, and we're halfway through October already. I wonder of the book store folks wonder why those darn calendars won't sell. Personally, I don't have the heart to tell them.


I generally find myself fascinated (and amused) by shifts in trends. Lately, I've noticed that the sunglasses industry has a popular new style of sunglasses. It's like a cross between the classic Aviators and Star Trek. The lenses are pretty large, for one thing. But here's the kicker: they now only have one solid lens. The two oval/circular shaped lenses are connected in the middle (at the bridge of the nose). At first, I thought it was the dumbest idea, because we don't need that part over our nose. I mean, we can't even see that part of our face, and thanks to our incredible binocular vision, our visual fields overlap, eliminating the need for the lens around the bridge of the nose. While at the store, I looked at a pair for sale and found that the bridge piece still exists, and that "extended" lens is only there for the sake of coolness. Needless to say, I was disappointed.

*Image courtesy of Travelizmo.