I realize I'm about a month overdue for Dave's Delicious Challenge, but that doesn't mean I forgot about it. The challenge is to create a whole menu using only one letter of the alphabet (in my case, it's the letter I). If you wish to play along, leave me a comment saying so, and I'll assign you a letter. (Note: You may want to follow Dave's example rather than mine, as his is sheer perfection.)

And now, without further adieu, I welcome you to...

Iphilio's Eclectic Kosher Ristorante!

Iphilio's Eclectic Kosher Ristorante celebrates food from the world over. Can I get you started with something to drink? We have Iced Tea with lemon, or perhaps you'd consider our specially imported Irn-Bru (pronounced Iron Brew), direct from England? This soft drink is sure to knock your socks off. If you want a happy hour beverage, we have Irish Coffee or even the Usher-influenced Incredible Hulk.

And to get started on some food, can I get you some Icelandic Snowflake Bread? I assure you, it's delicious. The bread is shaped into a unique snowflake shape, then fried, and it's chilled before it's served. I assure you, you won't even need butter, our Icelandic Snowflake Bread is so good. If you like, I can also bring out some of our famous Italian Dip for you. Italian dressing, parmesan cheese, garlic, and cayenne pepper make this dip a favorite you won't want to miss out on. The blend of cultures in food is exquisite!

Now, what can I get you today? How about the Inconnu? It's a popular whitefish, and is irresistible with our one-of-a-kind blend of pepper, onion, Italian dressing, and lemon. Add our patented tartar sauce and your mouth will be watering. Served with iceberg lettuce and the option for an iron-toasted bun (on our iron grill used exclusively for buns).

For dessert, we have ice cream of a variety of flavors. You can try our Irish Cream Cheesecake, voted Best Cheesecake Ever! by the local newspaper. Or you could enjoy our amazing Impossible Pie, the coconut and vanilla flavored wonder straight out of Great Britain, a pie so good it makes its own crust.

Thanks for stopping by Iphilio's Eclectic Kosher Ristorante! Tell your friends about us, and we'll see you soon! Have a nice day.

*A special thanks to Foodgeeks.com and Wikipedia, without whom all this would not have been possible.