Phil pumpkinized

I always enjoy dressing up for Halloween, though admittedly I'm not terribly good at it. I went to a Halloween party last Saturday, one I had had no idea I would even be going to, let alone that it was happening. Anyway, I was short on time (and clothing--I was working a show at the theater) and I needed a costume. So I threw on my green jacket and some sunglasses and went as a pilot. Not terribly original, but given the lack of notice, I figured it wasn't altogether that bad.

Anyway, since today is Halloween, I decided I wanted to do something different on my blog. I've so far enjoyed seeing different posts, everything from discussion about costumes, to pictures, to cartoons and videos. Myself, I had no inspiration, except that I wanted my blog to go "in costume". But how? How does one dress a written blog in costume? The only way I could think to do it was to write something completely out of character for me. I tell you what. Keep reading, and I'll let you decide if I succeeded in this Costume Blog endeavor.

*Note: Picture was done using The Pumpkinizer!!!

How should I dress for this special night
Adventures most surely await me
Perhaps this night is full of fright
Perchance I at last set myself free

Yonder there, the sweet candy awaits
Hovering just beyond my very grasp
Afraid that others may see my face
Life is fine hiding behind this mask

Lurking so that none can recognize
Original costume I did create
Woeful and sad may seem my cries
Elysian fields do tempt my plate

Ever does this character crave
Noble beauty and solace of that enclave