While I’m usually full of ideas for my blog, I have lately found my sense of creativity somewhat listless. Because everything in life needs a scapegoat, I blame it on a number of things going on for me at the moment. Much has been cluttering my mind these days, and I’m trying desperately to rectify the situation. Of course, that’s easier said than done. It’s difficult to collect one’s thoughts when they’re racing to and fro, and when only one thing seems to be at the forefront of the mind: a sense of urgency. If I play my cards right, then this, too, shall pass.

For the moment, I leave with a nicely bulleted list of random spectacles that grabbed my attention for one of two reasons: it was hilarious, or else it was pretty sad (it’s mostly the latter, minus the first bullet). I hope you enjoy.

  • Riding the shuttle to campus the other day, I was subjected to a shirt that may as well have read “This is a nerd shirt.” Mind you, that’s not a bad thing. I myself even own a shirt like that, and I admit that I actually find it amusing when people just don’t get it. Anyway, this shirt was covered in equations that, when looked at closely, were all wrong. For instance, it had Einstein’s equation for the energy of all particles listed as E=mc3. The message of the shirt read: “Don’t Drink and Derive.”
  • I ride a shuttle bus to and from the parking lot to campus. Generally I ride it twice a day, though if I have the time and/or daylight, I like to walk. Back to the point. Drivers seem to be unusually ballsy lately, and not in a good way. I’ve seen a number of cars cut off buses in traffic, or turn left right in front of them. This stupidity seems to be mistaken for bravery for many drivers, judging by the smug expressions on their faces, no doubt all of them thinking, “That bus is so slow, I can pull in front of it in my car that weights twenty times less.” People, people, people. Read my lips: do NOT play chicken with a bus, for if you lose (and no doubt you will), you will most likely not live to tell the tale.
  • While out driving the other day, I saw a pedestrian trying to cross a driveway for a local business. There was a car waiting to turn, the driver of which thought he would be courteous to the pedestrian and allow said pedestrian more space to cross the drive. The driver threw his car into reverse and backed up for the pedestrian, and in the process nearly hit the car just behind him. Pay attention, people.
  • And finally, while at a red light over the weekend, I witnessed a pedestrian crossing the street. Not out of the ordinary, you say. Well, no, but crossing through the middle of the intersection? Indeed, this woman was in the middle of the intersection. She crossed from one side of the middle to the other, and then, without looking, crossed to another corner. A few cars had to slam on their brakes to keep from hitting her. And yet she remained oblivious. She must have been crazy.