Yesterday, I happened to be doing something (what it was escapes me) of some importance, but I couldn’t tell you what it was (oh wait, I already said that) because my thoughts were drifting to other things. For some reason, I started thinking about writing, and I got to thinking about how often I encounter my name in literature. I decided to do an search for my name just for kicks. It was kinda fun, so I figured I’d make it into a nifty little blog exercise. Seeing as I’ve never started one of these activities before, I thought it’d be fun to do, and quite appropriate considering what an avid reader I am. So if you would like to participate, let me know so I can be sure to read your entry, and here are the rules:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your first name into the search bar, and select books from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select only the first five books that have your name. Your name can be that of the author or a part of the title. (If an author with your name has more than one work, use only the first book that comes up.)
  4. Write up a short synopsis of each book.
  5. Post your list and these instructions in a blog entry titled “Read [your name]!“.

Mine turned up some obvious results, as well as some different and interesting results. I’ve included links just in case you wish to learn more about these books and all that.

NOTE: Because my own list did not actually involve much in the way of actual literature, I have opted to take the books somewhat less than seriously. It is my hope that you do not encounter this same problem.

  1. Love Smart: Find the One You Want–Fix the One You Got

    It comes as no surprise that this first book is one by the uninteresting and totally un-fun Dr. Phil, my arch-nemesis and competitor to Yo Phil (to find out more about Yo Phil, click here). Unfortunately, despite the cul-de-sac hair-do and poorly grammaticized title, and the fact that he leans on a heart on the cover, for crying out loud, his books seem to sell. It’s depressing.

  2. Phil Gordon’s Little Blue Book: More Lessons and Hand Analysis in No Limit Texas Hold’em

    This one (here’s the link), by Phil Gordon and Chris Ferguson, lacks not only an interesting title, but also an interesting subject. I like how it’s all very direct, but at the same time I find it lacks creativity. If I was a master card player and teacher, like this guy, I probably wouldn’t be spending my time writing boring books. Maybe his card career is over and he just needs the dough. Reliving the past, I suppose, in which case I pity the guy.

  3. Rule #1: The Simple Strategy for Successful Investing in Only 15 Minutes a Week!

    Phil Town is the author of this one. At this point, I’m beginning to see a trend in authors named Phil. Seems they’re all pretty nutty, and all seem to want to boss you around (or, to use their words, “teach” or “advise” you). The “15 Minutes” part of this title makes it sound more like a health/fitness program instead of being about investing.

  4. You’re Lucky You’re Funny: How Life Becomes a Sitcom

    Phil Rosenthal, rather than follow the trend of the three authors above, chose instead to actually write a story, albeit a semi-autobiographical one. His book is about how he used his own funny life stories and Ray Romano’s stand-up comedy to write for Everybody Loves Raymond, the mildly amusing but not-too-memorable sitcom. The book, according to the editorial review, still has elements of insight that aspiring TV sitcom writers will find useful. Therefore, I probably will not be reading this anytime soon.

  5. Kill Phil: The Fast Track to Success in No-Limit Hold’em Poker Tournaments

    While I at first loved the title for its hint at the title to Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill movies, it seems that this book (by Blair Rodman and Lee Nelson) is yet another “how to” book. How boring. What I do get a kick out of is that the title seems to be a slap in the face to aforementioned author #2, Phil Gordon. If I were to guess by the title, Phil Gordon must have made some enemies in the Texas Hold’em tournament world. I smell drama!