It's time once again for a Not-So-Secret Secret (N3S). This is #22, but really it's only my fourth one to participate in. I was inspired by this one because I was left standing outside waiting for the shuttle last night for almost 20 minutes in the cold. That's right. I was stuck away from any nearby shelter when it was dark out, snowing, and a bone-chilling 18 degrees (28 without wind chill factored). It worked out nice, though, because it snowed, and then the streets got all icy, so I got to sleep in. I may live in the desert, and it's usually fairly mild, but it's a mile high here, and being right next to the mountains, it can get pretty damn cold (keep it down, midwesterners; I know, I know). So yeah, inspiration. Oh, and not to mention getting brave with my photo working skills. But no one wants to hear about that. And so now, N3S:

N3S #22 Feel Good

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