The goal of this month, for me, has apparently been the following: write only two blog entries. As of this post, I have officially not lived up to this goal, which is in all likelihood a good thing. But as seems to happen at this time of year, a dreadful combination of final exams and holidays consumes what little time I have. Whoever was the genius who decided these two occasions should happen almost simultaneously was nothing short of insane.

But I digress. The point is, I've had far more on my plate than I'd care for at this point. While I have a number of blog ideas on hand, I haven't had a chance to work them through anything resembling completion. A lot has gone on, and a lot will be going on, so rather than write about it all, I decided to put it in the form of a question to that special advice column, Yo Phil. So here you go.

Yo Phil,

You seem to have been pretty introspective as of late, posting all sorts of "milestone" stuff and various entries that are considerably more serious than what I'm used to. What's up with that?


Well, Phil, you're absolutely right. As I got continually closer to graduating, I started working harder than ever to get through it. It seemed to me a battle of wills, between the push to get through school and graduate and a mind weary of fighting itself. As you may have gathered from my previous entry, I managed to pull through on both fronts.

While yes, I had accepted myself as a gay man, and every day have found that acceptance deepening, I had yet to address this side of me to those close to me. Last Sunday, I changed that. I came out to my family, and was delighted to learn that they all knew, and had simply been waiting for me to open up to them.

The time leading up to this point was cause for a one-track-mindedness that was more intense than I'd ever experienced. Now, though, I've been amazed to find that my mind has been able to rest at last, and the feeling is wonderful. So in a nutshell, I've graduated with more than a college degree. I've graduated to a new level of life.

So anyway, as noted in my blast, regular blogging will resume shortly, probably once Christmas has passed. To all my friends, I wish you the best and most glorious of holidays.

Yours sincerely and appreciatively,


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