Just how much should one believe weather forecasts? This modern form of predicting the future is cool and interesting. But I know little about it, and so won’t go on about it. And besides, that’s not the point of this blog entry.

The point is that I had heard rumor (from people I know) that yesterday and today would showcase snowstorms. I missed the previous snow, which brought an astounding ten inches of snow to some parts of the city, since I was on a road trip. I love snow, and so was naturally thrilled to hear rumor of more snow.

However, when I checked the weather services, all that was in the forecast was cloudy skies and perhaps some rain. The old standby “possible snow showers” was there, but only vaguely so. This morning, to my delight, it was snowing heavily, and has been snowing all day. So far, there’s about six inches of snow on the ground, and it continues to fall. It’s beautiful and serene, and I’m loving every minute of it.

I managed to take a couple of pictures with my camera phone. I have posted them below, for your enjoyment. They’re good and fuzzy for the effect, of course, because I wanted them to look cool. I promise it has nothing to do with my having used a 1.3 megapixel camera phone that doesn’t focus well. Honest. Oh, forget it. Just enjoy the pictures already!

Snowy Pines

Large Pine