Only twelve days into the 2007, and I'm already experiencing yet another new thing in my life. Think I'm talking about something happened to me? Guess again. Something that happened to someone else, maybe? Good try, but nope. Something that changed my life completely? Not exactly. But then, I'm not all that dramatic (plus, the life-changing event happened a couple of weeks ago). I'll give you a hint. It's something that is marked every year by each and every one of us, it's met with either eager anticipation, exasperation, indifference, or dread. Or maybe a combination of some or all.

If you guessed that this day is a birthday, you got lucky! Today, in fact, marks 23 years of life for yours truly. It's interesting to think back to past birthdays in terms of where I am in life. Here's a quick rundown:

  • 18: Yay. I'm 18. That means I'm legal, and I get to register for the draft. But I'm an adult! Woo hoo!!!!
  • 19: Well, another year gone by. College is fun!
  • 20: Oh my god, I think I'm gay. What am going to do?!!!
  • 21: I've waited a whole year, and I'm still gay. This does not look good. Maybe I'll tell someone. Scary thought.
  • 22: Okay. I waited another year. I still seem to be gay. But I'm cool with it now. Actually, I'm happier now that I'm cool with it. I have a blog. I've met cool friends who are supportive and awesome. Time to tell everyone!
  • 22 years, 11 months: I have to do this before I'm 23. Can't take this closet thing anymore. It's not even a walk-in closet. I think I can handle it in real life now.
  • 23: My first year to start off being exactly who I am, inside and out, online and off. Fuck yeah!

So in this reflective sort of way, I'm greatly looking forward to a new chapter in my life. Indeed, although I've had 22 birthdays before this one, this is the first time in my adult life that I am free to be exactly who I am. I have a fresh start, a new outlook on life (a new and wonderful change from life as I had known it a year ago), and am happy to celebrate life. And so I greet this birthday with eyes open wide, eager to enjoy every moment, to welcome the new and bid adieu to the old. On this day, my birthday, I can truly say that I am happy.

*Note: The picture of the hot-air balloon just goes to show what a proud Albuquerquean I am. I'm hard-core Albuquerque, baby.