Egad, it seems I'm horribly delinquent for one of the coolest blog challenges ever. As it turns out, the goal was to have this entry posted by Friday. I missed that one by a long shot, to say the least. But, since I am so late in posting this, at least I'm fashionably so. Perhaps Joon and others can find it in their hearts to forgive me. In any event, here is my very own entry into Joon's Lyrical Challenge!

These are the lyrics she presented me:

"Well if you wanted honesty, that's all you had to say.
I never want to let you down or have you go 'it's better off this way'
For all the dirty looks, the photographs your boyfriend took."

And now for my creative writing piece using these bitchin' lyrics. I have no idea what they mean, or of the context within the words. As a sort of disclaimer/introduction, let me set the scene for what follows. I sat down to write a story, one that would somehow make use of the lyrics within character dialogue. As often happens when I write, what I set out to write and what got written are two very different things. Despite several attempts, a story never congealed. Instead, I ended up with an odd sort of poem. So please enjoy my entry into Joon's lyrical challenge:

Well if you wanted honesty
You'll have to take a piece of me
I'm 100% pedigree
Stable as a tree

That's all you had to say
I don't want to hear that it's okay
Things should be better on this day
No longer out in the fray

I never want to let you down
If I did, you'd surely frown
And toss away your evening gown
Please just do not drown

Or have you go
Stepping foot over toe
To overcome a hateful foe
Progress is so slow

'It's better off this way'
Things are merry and gay
I think I'll go and play
Before things look too gray

For all the dirty looks
Noses between the pages of books
Keys all hanging on the hooks
Waiting to be grabbed by crooks

The photographs your boyfriend took
Are scattered now along the brook
And some within a cozy nook
These memories of mine you took