It's said that nothing garners more comments than a blog. That's an interesting point. If you've never heard that saying before, that's probably because it wasn't said until I just said it. And, at least for a while, it was marginally true (I don't hold my quotes to very high standards).

Yesterday, however, my unfounded generalization was proven wrong. A blog is not, in fact, the thing that can garner the most comments. Nay. Is it then a news article? No. Or perhaps a New York Times bestselling novel? Oy, no. Or maybe an article in Redbook? Uh, not a chance. Give up?

As it turns out, the one thing that gets all the comments is this: Phil eating an ice cream cone on campus. While waiting for my evening class to begin, I find myself wandering around campus, bored and kind of warm thanks to the nice weather. So I hit Sonic and got a scrumptious vanilla ice cream cone. Deliciousness.

I head back outside and continue walking around. As I walk, I am suddenly the target of all passersby, who are clearly drawn to me thanks to my rockin' orange shirt, and also my ice cream cone. It's the ice cream that triggers all the chatter. Here's just a sample of what people, most of whom I'd never before seen in my life, much less talked to, told me:

  • "It's a perfect day for an ice cream cone."
  • "Mmmmm, that ice cream cone sure looks good."
  • "Oh my god. You're eating ice cream."
  • "You look so sexy eating that ice cream."*

I practically had to hide the ice cream to keep someone from seeing it and trying to snatch it from me. So as you can see, the ice cream really is pretty amazing. I knew it was good, I just didn't realize how good. But now I know. And so do you.

*The person could have said "Where'd you get your ice cream cone?", but this is probably what they meant.