Errgh!! Grumble grumble.

Those are the now-common sounds of Phil now that daylight savings time is in effect once again. Don't get me wrong, I love having all the extra hours of light in the evening. I'm down with the evenings. It's the mornings that get me.

As it was, it was a stretch for me to wake up and get myself to work on time (8 o'clock). But from January until about a week ago, I had the benefit of waking up to sunlight shining through the window. And as a rule, I've always preferred only to get up when the sun is up. To get up before said sun is up is nothing short of cruel.

Alas, it is not to be. This morning, I got up at the magical time of 6:30, and it was still dark outside. Oh the injustice! My sleepy mind screamed for me to go back to sleep, and to wait until a more normal time, and placement of the sun in the sky, before arising.

But yes, I did it. Against my better judgment (or with it?), I got up and started my day. Maybe now, though, I'll get to catch some sunrises. That is, assuming I'm less than half asleep and can actually make my eyes focus on things around me.