Riding into the Sunset... Well, the Sun, Anyway

With each passing day, I become more aware of just how crazy my life has become. Between work, school, and what little semblance of a social life I can muster, I am only too thrilled to be granted relief, even if it is brief. Though I have this week off from work, classes are still in session at the university.

But that's not stopping me from escaping. Today, I'm hitting the road and heading to Phoenix for the weekend. It's off to the land of giant Saguaro Cactus for this guy. I'm thrilled to be getting away, for the chance to see different sights, different people, different things, a change from the daily grind.

In the meantime, because I will be blog-absent, I leave you the following video to keep yourself amused. It is a music video, by a group called Scary Kids Scaring Kids. I saw them about a month ago in concert, and they're pretty freakin' awesome. When I saw this video, which is for their song "My Darkest Hour," I was completely blown away. It is the funniest music video I have ever seen. Seriously, it's the best music video. Ever. I hope you like it, and I'll see you on the flip side!