Life has a funny way of making us lose sight of certain little things. Though I heartily believe in living each day to the fullest and enjoying every moment as much as possible, there are times I find that I must take pause. I find that I need to look back, to reflect. Though a part of this action can be deemed a critical one, it's essential in terms of growth. One can never grow if one never learns from the past.

In reflecting upon recent events, I realized that I owe a debt of gratitude to two of my closest companions. They were with me everywhere I went, and saw sides of me no one else ever has. For every mile I walked, for every curve in the road I approached, for every wall that seemed to block my way, they never wavered from my side.

They saw a man lost, as yet undiscovered even to himself. They saw a man in desperation, pleading for an escape from that which offered none. They saw a man defeated, resigned to never finding that which was sought. They saw a man overcome weakness and gather courage. They saw a man reject inward feelings of hate, and instead discover a sense of acceptance. They saw the life breathe into me as joy sparked its way back to life within me.

They saw the outpourings of a heart in the forms of words onto pages. They saw a never-ending stream of consciousness. They saw the development of a writer, taking time to find his voice. They saw in me a new sense of humor, a growing lightness of spirit and heart. They saw me grow into the person I have become. They saw me reeling, overjoyed by every road traveled.

It is thanks to them that I have arrived where I am today. I could not have done it without them. With these two, I share some amazing memories, and I will never forget them. A lot can happen in two years, one of which is that time serves to break things down.

And so it is that I bid farewell to my faithful and trusty New Balance 766 shoes. The things we did and the stories we have to tell are forever. What I once thought was a mere pair of shoes turned out to be so much more. Shoes are as much a part of our lives as anything. If you listen closely, you might just be able to hear the stories they have to tell.

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