It's amazing how difficult it is to blog when one doesn't have internet at home. I now have a great number of things in the queue, waiting to be posted, and currently am lacking a truly efficient means to be posted.

Last Monday (one week okay today), I turned in my cable modem and said hasta la vista to my home internet. I can't say that I'm completely dependent on the internet, as I've been doing just fine at home without it. But when one of your hobbies involves the use of said internet, it is kind of a drag. But times are tight, and I do have a budget to follow. So I'll roll with it for now, and hopefully can work something out fairly soon.

Of course, given that I have a laptop, it's fairly easy to head over to the neighborhood coffee shop, since I'm there all the time anyway, and make use of their wireless. I always enjoy doing that, though with my schedule these days, I generally have almost nil time to actually spend there.

But there is a happy ending to look forward to: my semester ends this Wednesday evening, so once that day has passed, I'll have more time open to be able to write. Photo blogs, here I came.