For my "summer" job this year, I've been working summer school at the public schools. While my official responsibilities include basic classroom support, I've also unofficially become the "Resident Mac Expert". While during the year, only those I worked with on a regular basis were aware of my knowledge of Macintosh computers, this knowledge has spread like wildfire at summer school.

So, periodically, a random teacher or staff person, some of whom I don't even know, will come into the classroom and request me to help them out. Such an event happened today: a teacher walked in and asked if I could help her figure out how to run some program and then burn a DVD. Let me point out here that I've never used said program, nor had I ever burned DVDs.

Still, I told her I'd give it a shot, and as luck would have it, I managed to figure it out without much trouble. Honestly, all it took was a little searching in the right places, and voila! success. I helped the teacher accomplish what she wanted, and in the process I got to play on her computer and figure out how to do things so that by the time I want to do them myself, I'll have already figured out how to do it, and will be better off. Tee hee.

While working away on the DVD stuff today, one of the teachers sighed and said, "Thank god for Phil." This was then adapted into TGIPh (with the "Ph" still pronounced "f"). It's hardly deserved, but what the heck, I'll be a good queen and accept the adoration.